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Drumstick Stick StuffStick Stuff Grip is a liquid water-based synthetic rubber for the application to musical drumsticks and percussion mallets to improve your grip. The product is offered in twelve different colors, plus clear, Chartreuse Yellow, Orange and Green that glow under black light. Experiment with multi-colors as shown here in our online store.

This new water-based product allows drummers to produce a thin or thickened customized grip on drumsticks in their color of choice to create a tactile feel. My interest in developing this product was to find a grip to help relieve the stress and tension playing from being a self taught, “From the Heart, Feeling every Note” type of drummer.

Stick Stuff is getting great exposure because of my interest in music, my passion for playing drums, attending concerts, drum clinics and trade-shows throughout the United States . It is sold through this web site and in many retail stores. The product is also available pre-dipped on Pro Mark drumsticks , Xcel drumsticks and my own brand of Stick Stuff Sticks made by Xcel. Pro Baseball bats made by The Hoosier Bat Company are also available on this site and at batting academies throughout the Chicago area.

Stick Stuff is targeted for established musicians throughout the world as well as novice drummers too. The choice of many colors are great for coordinating marching band school colors along with many other musical organizations and sporting equipment , including fishing jigs and baits .

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